Finding joy,


by Steven Salt, CSB

This important event will be held in person on

Saturday, October 21 at 2:00pm


Edwardsville Public Library, Second Floor
112 South Kansas Street
Edwardsville, IL

About this talk…

Sometimes we can feel that joy seems hard to find––and seems even harder to keep! But what if joy is really fundamental to our nature? What if it is something all of us have permanently?

Christian Science lecturer Steve Salt, CSB, says, “What if we could find the good in life for which our hearts yearn is invulnerable to surrounding events, that it’s never ‘on the line’ for any reason, actually? If there was a way to trust that, and to prove it, that would give us a compelling reason to have hope. Even a reason for unshakeable joy. Christian Science explains the incredible good endowed on us by God–a good all of us deserve and can even expect–all the time.”

Mr. Salt will share how he was healed of mental darkness, and subsequently regained his sense of joy. Through praying with ideas from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, he was transformed–uplifted by a better understanding of joy as a quality of an all-present, all loving God.

He will also share other healings, thoughts on identity, prayer, and what Jesus taught about joy. And he’ll describe Mary Baker Eddy’s life. She founded Christian Science, wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and modeled a prayerful approach to life, through good happenings and bad, health and sickness, security and poverty, safety and homelessness–prevailing over all of these obstacles, and helping many others along the way.

About our speaker, Steven Salt, CSB

Exploring how things work, discovering dynamic relationships, observing unapparent connections, and applying the knowledge gained to make sense of it all: this has been the impulse of Steve’s life.

As a youngster he designed, engineered, and built cities of cardboard, electrified them, and served as city manager to imaginary families and workers. This was followed by more complex projects that included a balsa wood suspension bridge and a working model of a three-story elevator. Oh, and model rockets. He launched lots of rockets into the sky. Steve likes learning by doing.

Parallel to this education was a deeper plunge into the workings of life through attending Christian Science Sunday School, where he learned the fundamentals of his relationship to God and other people. Steve gained a broader, more spiritual and practical sense of the Bible along with the framework in which to understand and value the true nature of things.

After earning a degree in education at Ohio University, he went into the family hardware business helping people problem-solve the household challenges they were facing. Steve’s commitment to church continued to grow as he served in various capacities. Most importantly, he was gaining a better conception of God’s ever-presence through the Christian Science that brings this reality into focus.

Eventually, Steve was led to the full-time, public practice of Christian Science where he could apply its teachings to daily experiences and secure a stable sense of well-being for those in need of prayerful support.

He enjoyed fulfilling the duties of Christian Science Committee on Publication for Ohio for 15 years. This allowed him to connect with editors, reporters, and government officials at the local, state, and national levels, ensuring the availability of accurate information about Christian Science. Steve regularly met with ecumenical and interfaith leaders, and gave talks with interfaith groups and comparative religion classes. He wrote for national websites, blogs, newspapers, and magazines in this capacity.

Steve is married to Crystal, his high school sweetheart. They have two sons and three grandchildren. They all bring him joy.

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